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Extract Meaningful Insights from Unstructured Data
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NLP Services and Custom Solutions

  • Customer Feedback Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Topic Detections
  • Context-Aware Search 
  • Text Summarization
  • Auto-Categorization
  • Text Generation
  • Audience Analysis
  • Social Media Mining

Tame Your Data With NLP

Tracking ad performance through detailed metrics allows us to assess the value of each campaign, and can help you understand how your campaign works.

The data we provide helps both you and our team make informed decisions for any modifications that may be required in order to optimize and improve campaign performance.

Our process is data-driven and accurate performance data helps us lead you to success.

Data Mining Process

We follow the cross industry standard process for data mining CRISP-DM. This allows us to ensure that the created model is accurate and satisfies the original business goals, and helps us to deliver high quality solutions to our Clients.

API or Complete App

We provide insights-as-a-service: we transform data into actionable insights and help our clients unlock growth opportunities based on their data. We do consulting, data engineering, analytics, visualization, and custom AI solution development. 

Feedback Analysis

Use NLP to extract actionable insights from massive amounts of unstructured customer feedback data collected from different sources. 

Our custom-built NLP solutions will help you automate the process of collecting, labeling, analyzing, and organizing this customer feedback in a usable format helping to inform your product development, service architecture, or work process optimization decisions.

Sentiment Analysis

Another important task, for which NLP is a natural application is sentiment analysis. Our custom-integrated or ad hoc sentiment analysis solutions help you glean insights about your brand health, reputation, products, services, and marketing initiatives empowering your decision-making process and marketing strategy. The solution can be implemented in the format that suits your needs best: Model files, API integration, complete app with frontend.

Context-Aware Search

Whether it’s a web or a mobile app, make content search easy and relevant for your customers. 

We build custom intelligent content search and filtering solutions that will allow your clients to get only up-to-date and theme-related content. 

Create customer loyalty by offering them user-friendly solutions and saving their time.

Text Generation

If your business generates masses of data and you can’t handle it on your own, we can help you ease your workload.  

Try text generation-based solutions. They enable data collection and clusterization to define the most frequently asked questions. Based on the collected data, we can train an AI model to analyze customer queries and provide them with answers.


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