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Full Range of Analytics Setup & Configuration

  • Measurement Plan Creation
  • KPI Development
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Goals & Events Tracking
  • Call Tracking & Recording
  • E-commerce Tracking
  • Heatmaps & Clickmaps
  • User Session Recording
  • Digital Campaign Tracking
  • Multichannel Reports
  • Conversion Tracking & Attribution
  • KPI Dashboards & Reports

Accurate Data is Key to Success


Tracking ad performance through detailed metrics allows us to assess the value of each campaign, and can help you understand how your campaign works.

The data we provide helps both you and our team make informed decisions for any modifications that may be required in order to optimize and improve campaign performance.

Our process is data-driven and accurate performance data helps us lead you to success.

The Right Tool For The Job

Our arsenal of web analytics and tracking tools includes Google Analytics, CallCap, CallRail, Ifbyphone, Museflow, Hotjar, LuckyOrange, ScreamingFrog, SEMrush, MOZ, Agency Analytics and more.

When we work with you we help you use the right tools to track your campaigns.


One of the most critical KPIs that any campaign should track is ‘conversion’. We can help you track all types of conversion goals (purchases, contacts, phone calls, signups, downloads and more) using the most appropriate tools.

Engagement / Behavior

For websites and ad campaigns where user engagement is a critical metric, we can help you track and understand the nuances of user behavior on your site using proper KPIs and easy-to-read reports.

By building heat maps and visualizing user sessions, we can optimize your UX and improve website conversions.

Traffic / Visitors

Clear understanding of the sources and channels driving visitors to you is the premise for all further insights and analysis in digital marketing.

We configure your analytics for accurate traffic tracking so that you always know where your visitors are coming from and how different traffic sources interact throughout your conversion funnel.


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