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Custom SEO Site Audit

  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Website Speed Audit
  • Indexability Audit
  • Website Architecture
  • Content Audit
  • Content Architecture
  • Content Duplication Audit
  • Content Strategy
  • On-page SEO Audit
  • Backlink Profile Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Optimization Guidelines

Accurate Data is Key to Success


Our SEO site audit is a comprehensive health check of your website. It covers all aspects of your site’s SEO: website platform, technical configuration, structure, content, backlinks and social signals. 

The result of the audit is a thoroughly documented review of your site, with recommendations and action steps for fixing the problems and removing any blocks that hold your site back from ranking in Google. 

The SEO audit is the first step in your website’s SEO success.

Technical SEO Audit

Is your website configured correctly to allow search engines crawl and index your pages? Is it optimized for mobile devices and fast load speed? During our technical SEO audit we check all areas of your website that affect its SEO, ensuring that your website is setup for success and makes it easy for search engines to read it and rank your pages high in search results.

Content SEO Audit

Our audit helps you understand if your website has the right content to compete for your target keywords effectively. We utilize specialized tools and manual procedures to determine how well your content is aligned with your keyword targets, and whether more content or better content is required to achieve your SEO goals. This part of the audit is very important for your SEO success.           

Backlinks & Social Signals

Backlink and social signals analysis is an important part of our SEO audit. Are your links natural and earned? Do you have links that are  toxic, and damaging to your site’s SEO? Are there any link building opportunities that you should be taking advantage of? We get answers to these and other important questions when we perform a thorough analysis of your backlinks.     

SEO Guidelines

This part of the audit includes guidelines for your tech team explaining how to apply correct SEO settings to your website and/or fix the problems that the audit revealed. The SEO guidelines cover all areas of your website that are critical for SEO, starting from proper phrasing of meta elements to improving the structure of your product/service catalog, ensuring optimal coverage of your target keywords.       


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